Professional Services


In the current unpredictable environment, Professional Services Organisations face a number of core challenges. These include, maintaining clear effective communications with their key stakeholders such as employees, partners, and customers to generate and close business and win deals.

Ensuring they can attract, hire, retain and motivate their consulting staff. And finally ensuring they have the necessary methodologies, processes and tools to effectively schedule, deploy and measure the quality-of-service delivery.

Partnering with HITC and Unit4 ensures the latest cutting-edge solutions such as Unit4 ERP, Unit4 Financial Planning & Analytics and Unit4 Human Capital Management will ensure PSO’s are able to fully support their business and manage their challenges.

The Unit4 PSO model improves the management of services more efficiently by allowing the implementation of best practice methodologies and processes and providing the tools to schedule, deploy and measure the quality of the service delivery process, allowing organisations to reduce costs and improve project quality.

Our implementation experience of Unit4 ERP solutions can help you benefit from the next generation of best-of-breed ERP solution built with a Professional Services model developed to ensure your success.

Unit4 ERP makes is easier to manage talent within the organisation, by ensuring resources are deployed where they are most effective.