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Bespoke sector solutions

A key issue for the Not-for-Profit sector is the constant pressure to do more with less. The need to maximise available funding and optimising your resources to deliver the greatest impact.

Through the implementation of a modern purpose-built cloud-based ERP solution such as Unit4 ERP, Not-For-Profit organisations can modernise and maintain mission focus, by introducing faster, more efficient processes, increasing automation and reducing time spent on repetitive administrative tasks.

Moving to a cloud solution will also reduce your IT support costs and provide the benefits of a robust, scalable, secure infrastructure.

Implementing an ERP solution built around your individual requirements, but based on industry best practices ensures your organisation is best placed to make better and more informed decisions. By gaining visibility across your entire organisation, we can equip your decision makers with the decision support tools they need.

We understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of trust, compliance, and accountability with the Not-For-Profit sector. Unit4 ERP is designed around specific Not-For-Profit regulatory requirements, such as IATI FAS 116, 117 and IFR4NPO. At HITC we take the time to fully understand your requirements and organisational nuances and ensure that the solution is the right one for you.

Our team are highly experienced and qualified with an average of 15 to 20 years of experience in delivering complex implementations within a multidisciplinary environment. We are committed to ensuring our clients receive market leading services to make the most out of their solution.

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